The natural human's state is to be happy and to celebrate life, to enjoy the small moments of life – such as bird’s song, the sun rise and the fresh air. The nature offers us wonderful views and sounds which doesn’t have anything in common with the urban life we are accustomed to. Living in highly technology society we, living busy and stressful life we are searching for appropriate methods for recreation and relaxing.

The world is colourful, people are different, but there are nature laws which are important doesn’t matter whether we believe they exist or whether we like them. It is well known fact that the shape of a building the materials used for building it, it is orientation toward sun impact on people’s health that live inside. A building can have good influence on its residence, but it can also kill them slowly, having bad influence such as radiation stones in the concrete and etc. Ancient people, living in China, India, Egypt, South America had this knowledge and used it.

We all have read a lot about the pyramids and the effect that hey have. Trying to learn from the ancient we formed team of radiestesists, which made several researches about how the pyramid impacts on human's health. They found out that the best is the shape of the cone. We did not hesitate – we started to make plans and build, finishing the first eco house we realized that it looks very similar to the ancient Bulgarian houses- "shatra". The old knowledge which we all know, but somehow we forgot.


About mushrooms, igloos and wigwams

When people try to describe our ecohouses they call them different ways. There are people who see in them cute mushrooms, for others the ecohouses reminds them of wigwams or Old Bulgarian shatri, some people even call them igloos. But does not matter how they call them people always smile when they talk about the ecohouses. All these metaphors are perfect for the houses. They are supposed to be just houses, but in fact they bring people back in their childhood, helping them to remind their most creative period. The ecohouses stimulate its residences to be creative, in harmony with the nature. When we build houses we are constructing them to be with natural connection with the environment.