Troyan Balkan

Troyan Balkan is situated between pick 'Ushie' in West and the springs of Tuzha river in East. In this part the mountain is incredibly beuatiful - sharp peacks take turns with round green grass hills. If we follow the mountain from East to West we will first see "Maragidik" peack. The city of Troyan is situated on 20 km form "Beklemeto" (1360 m) in the southest part of the Troyan manicipality. The most interesting of the mountains in the Troyan Balkan is Vasiliova mountain which is the most comon choice for tourists. Vasiliova mountain starts from "Beli Vit" river in East and goes to the the Troyan valleys to the West. The main ridge of the mountain is covered with oak forests and fern meadows over which you can see the peacks "Treskavec" , "Tarsa" , "Golesh" , "Kojnec", " Golqm and Malak Wasiliovski kupen".